Case studies

Creating industry-leading HR content at scale – 100,000 words per month

When we started working with Brand X—a well-known HR SaaS platform—in April 2022, the brand’s team were looking for a way to scale their content production efforts and establish the company as an authority in the HR and people management space.

The objective

Brand X came to us with a vision of creating the best HR Glossary available online today, an industry resource that would exceed anything else published by their competitors. They knew that a team of skilled writers with HR and Business expertise would be vital to making that a reality.

In addition, Brand X also wanted to scale the production of their blog content, a key element in their strategy to drive relevant traffic via organic search and better serve potential customers.

Our process

Building a team

Drawing from our existing database of topic experts and making use of our efficient recruitment process, we quickly established a team of 10 talented HR-specialist writers.

This included writers with:

  • Over 10 years of experience in HR and Business Management roles
  • A Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA)
  • A Masters Degree in HR Management
  • Over 5 years of experience writing professionally about HR and Business

Making it happen

One of our dedicated account managers worked closely with Brand X to establish briefing documents for the glossary and blog articles, allowing our team of topic-expert writers and editors to set about crafting authoritative content. 

Then, based on feedback from initial submissions, we further refined our approach to ensure our deliverable was precisely what Brand X had in mind when they commissioned the work.

The result

Over the course of 6 months, we created an industry-leading HR Glossary from scratch and crafted a series of engaging, informative blog posts. In total, our writers penned over 500,000 words.

But the work doesn’t stop there. In an ever-changing industry such as HR, there’s always a need to ensure blog content is still relevant and up to date with the latest laws. And a best-in-class HR glossary only retains that title if it’s constantly being updated and improved.

What’s next?

Brand X continues to leverage our writing team’s expertise in executing their content marketing plan based on the success of our collaboration to date. They even have ambitions to scale production further, which is something we’re delighted to help them with.

To keep improving and developing the HR Glossary, Brand X have approached us regarding adding infographics to these articles. It’s a service we’ve never provided before, but it’s a challenge we’re excited to accept and undertake.