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words written for Future's wide range of brands.
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writers and editors in our Future-specific team.
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Catering to Future’s pre-existing workflows

Catering to Future’s pre-existing workflows

For consistency at Future’s end, we agreed to custom payment terms that match how Future handles payments in other operations.

Content Database

We built a bespoke hub for Future to streamline ordering and monitoring.

Content Database

We arranged custom payment terms to keep things consistent for Future.

CMS Formatting

We upload articles directly to Future’s custom Content Management System.

“Eleven has been very accommodating during what has been a challenging year for us. They have been proactive, providing useful feedback and being a dependable partner through thick and thin.”

Desire Athow
Managing Editor

Like all great things, our partnership with Future started out small, with just a handful of articles for TechRadar at the end of 2019. Eighteen months later and Eleven has now written over 2,000,000 words for six of Future’s brands, worked with five different Future editors and grown a Future-specific team of over 30 writers and editors.

Our journey with Future

The success of this relationship hasn’t come without its fair share of obstacles. To maintain a thriving relationship with such a large client, our journey has involved creating bespoke processes to adapt to Future’s own workflows, offering custom services specific to Future’s needs and expanding our team based on Future’s content plans, ahead of time. But above all, it’s the quality of our work that both got us in the door with Future and allowed our relationship to grow and flourish. In the words of Mo Harber-Lamond, eCommerce editor at Future, "Content is always of excellent quality and delivered promptly".

Making Future feel at home

Our first major challenge was catering to Future’s workflows. Future is a titan of a company, and that status isn’t earned overnight – it’s the result of years (or in Future’s case, decades) of hard work, a big part of which is building and refining robust processes. To be able to help Future solve its content production puzzle, we knew we would need to work with Future’s existing processes, rather than ask Future to adapt to ours. This started with simpler things such as bespoke payment terms and weekly calls between Future editors and Eleven project managers. More recently, it has included more complex adaptations, such as formatting articles manually within Future’s CMS and developing a bespoke content database that allows Future to efficiently place bulk orders in a format suited to its numerous project types.

Eleven’s willingness to help Future continue to operate as smoothly as possible while scaling, has been essential to the success of the relationship, and has helped Future to increase content production seamlessly and on-demand.

Frequently asked questions.

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How do Eleven writers qualify for Future's projects?

All Eleven writers have passed our fierce multi-step screening process and induction period, both of which are operated by one of our lead editors. This verifies that the writer is able to maintain the Eleven standard and has true expertise in their focus niche. We may then select a writer, based on the relevancy of their expertise, to be assigned to an Enterprise client’s project, such as that of Future. However, the writer will at first only be able to write one article at a time. Once our editors confirm that the writer has correctly understood the project guidelines, we allow the writer to work normally and take on multiple articles.

How long does it take Eleven to write articles?

Our default turnaround time is 3-7 days. However, Enterprise Scaling clients such as Future can request turnarounds as quick as 24 hours.

What are your rates?

We don’t disclose the rates we charge to Enterprise clients as each client is given a bespoke rate based on project needs. However, for other clients, who order through our in-browser platform, we charge a flat rate of £0.15/word.

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