Natural Intelligence

Delivering Regular Urgent Articles for an Israeli Media Giant

(Natural Intelligence owns and BestMoney)
writers and editors in our Natural Intelligence-specific team.
unique visitors to and BestMoney.
hour turnarounds on NI's most urgent articles.
hours required from NI to hire/brief new writers.
Creating bulletproof reviews promptly and on-demand

Creating bulletproof reviews promptly and on-demand

Natural Intelligence is an Enterprise client, meaning we can arrange bespoke workflows to facilitate the project optimally. For Natural Intelligence, this includes rapid turnarounds and custom payment terms.

Payment terms

We arranged custom payment terms to keep things consistent for NI.

Payment terms

We adjusted our workflow to keep provide rapid turnarounds when needed.

Authoritative bylines

Author bios are essential to NI's reviews. We only assign writers who have killer, topic-relevant bios.

"Eleven’s content is top-notch. They always go above and beyond"

Daniel Clinton
Team Leader
Natural Intelligence

Frequently asked questions.

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How do Eleven's writers qualify for Natural Intelligence projects?

All Eleven writers have passed our fierce multi-step screening process and induction period, both of which are operated by one of our lead editors. This verifies that the writer is able to maintain the Eleven standard and has true expertise in their focus niche. We may then select a writer, based on the relevancy of their expertise, to be assigned to an Enterprise client’s project, such as that of Natural Intelligence. However, the writer will at first only be able to write one article at a time. Once our editors confirm that the writer has correctly understood the project guidelines, we allow the writer to work normally and take on multiple articles.

What are your rates?

We don’t disclose the rates we charge to Enterprise clients as each client is given a bespoke rate based on project needs. However, for other clients, who order through our flagship platform, we charge a flat rate of £0.15/word.

How can I order articles?

Whether you're ordering one or 300 articles, the process is quick and simple. Those in need of just a handful of articles can order using our in-browser platform, accessible via the Start Order button in our menu. However, Enterprise clients – those needing bespoke terms or to order in bulk, are asked to arrange a call with us via our Enterprise contact page. From there, we can set up a customized content database based on your needs, in which you can easily enter details for each article you want to order and copy and paste as needed to fill out bulk orders in just a couple of minutes. We'll then be notified that you've requested articles and can get started.

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