It’s tough to join Eleven

The few applicants who are selected each month must pass a thorough multi-stage screening process to become an Eleven team member.

Our fierce multi-stage screening process


Niche-Specific Demo

Selected candidates complete a demo task within their niche

Video Call + Tougher Tasks

Those who pass are offered a video chat and a set of tougher tasks

Extensive Induction

Successful candidates enter an induction period before a decision is made

We scout only the best writers and editors

All Eleven writers and editors have been carefully
selected. Only the very best applicants, with relevant qualifications and substantial experience, can be considered.
Exceptional skills/qualifications
Fierce multi-stage screening
0.5% acceptance rate

Eleven copyeditors are fully qualified to edit and proofread

The copyeditors making our articles gleam and shine are highly experienced and qualified. We comprise ex-English professors, lecturers and global magazine editors.
Knowledge Base

The latest from the Eleven camp

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