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Eleven Remote Writers are responsible for producing high-quality written content in line with client expectations and guidelines. A successful Remote Writer has highly developed writing and communication skills, specialist knowledge in one or more topics, excellent command of common SEO article formats, and is available for at least 12 hours per week. An ability to respond positively to constructive feedback from editors is also essential.

Responsibilities and duties

  • Produce high-quality, well-researched articles in compliance with client briefings and expectations
  • Revise articles in response to editor and/or client feedback
  • Observe relevant Slack channels for notifications and updates
  • Raise any issues encountered in completing work in appropriate Google Chat channels

Role requirements

  • Availability: 12+ hours or 4,000+ words per week. The more the better but anything that meets the aforementioned is suitable. We usually find our articles take around 3 hours per 1,000 words.
  • Topic expertise: We require strong expertise in either tech, finance, business or marketing. This might be a relevant degree or 2+ years of significant experience writing on the topic, for instance.
  • Writing experience: We primarily cover online content in the format of reviews, software/product comparisons, listicles, and tutorials, so experience writing at least some of these article types is required.
  • Transparency: Good communication and accountability are some of the most important Eleven values. It is essential that we keep each other in the loop (we work on Slack and are almost always available) and treat each other’s messages with care.
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Technical or finance background

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