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We built our business on quality. With our robust quality control process, Eleven articles are the result of brilliant minds working together harmoniously.

The not-so-secret editing recipe for Eleven articles


Eagle-Eyed Review

A qualified, eagle-eyed copyeditor with expertise in the topic conducts a review

Constructive Feedback

Comments are left in the article, including any updates/revisions requested

One Final Check

Once any updates/revisions have been made, a senior editor finalises the article

Editing is performed on every article

Contrary to market norms, we don’t believe in a writing-only service. At Eleven, all articles are thoroughly checked by qualified editors.

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Top-flight writers

Eleven writers have passed our fierce screening process, in which a lead editor verifies the writer’s expertise and ability over a series of tasks.

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Elite editors

Eleven editors are fully qualified to edit and proofread and have passed extensive testing. We comprise ex-professors, lecturers and global magazine editors.

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Robust quality control

All Eleven articles are checked using our robust editing process for content, concision, facts, guideline compliance, grammar/punctuation and more.

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Writers receive ongoing support from editors

Each client’s goalposts are different, so our editors offer regular feedback to writers to highlight good initiative, or in which areas to adjust articles based on project guidelines.
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