The Top 20 Content Marketing Tools Of 2024

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When you look for a common thread across top brands, rock-solid content marketing is one of the themes that stands out. Behind every recognizable, well-loved brand, there’s a whole world of digital content designed to keep its audience engaged.

Of course, launching and maintaining a successful digital marketing campaign is hard work. Today, we’ll highlight 20 top content marketing tools that make it easier to keep your audience coming back and help you turn leads into customers.

Why is content marketing important in 2024?

Content marketing plays a key role in getting your business out there and building relationships with potential customers. For consumers, content marketing demonstrates effort. If your company is actively putting out tailor-made articles, images, and videos that speak to your audience, they’re more likely to engage with you over the long term.

In fact, more than 70% of consumers believe that companies that engage in content marketing are interested in building relationships—not just selling them something. That helps explain why content marketing is six times more effective at producing conversions than other types of digital marketing like advertisements. Content marketing is especially powerful in 2023, when brand loyalty is one of the biggest determinants of which companies thrive and which companies suffer.

How can tools help content marketers?

Running a content marketing campaign isn’t easy. If it were, everyone in business would have mastered it by now. The reality is that content marketers dedicate countless hours to creating content, publishing across channels, and measuring the impacts of their efforts.


Content marketing tools make the multifaceted process of publishing digital content easier. From streamlining content creation to automating distribution, tools and platforms can dramatically cut down the amount of time that content marketers have to spend on the unexciting parts of content marketing.

In turn, that frees them up to focus on the big questions that drive a marketing campaign’s success: Is my content connecting with my audience? Am I reaching the largest audience possible with my campaign? Is my campaign producing conversions?

And content marketing tools don’t just make it possible to ask these questions—they also make it possible to address them. Using tools and software can help your business leverage content to achieve maximum impact and track the success of your digital marketing over time.

How much are the tools on our list?

The content marketing tools that made our list range widely in price, from free to hundreds of dollars per month. Many of the paid tools offer multiple subscription tiers, so you only have to pay for the features your business needs.

Of course, content marketing is all about return on investment. When considering price, don’t think about the cost of a tool in isolation. Consider what that tool can do for you and how much a potential increase in sales can do for your bottom line. If the benefit exceeds the cost of the content marketing tool, then it’s probably a good deal for your business.

Our Top 20 Content Marketing Tools

We’ve tried dozens of content marketing tools. The truth is, some were game-changers for our business while others fell flat. Today, we’re highlighting 20 content marketing tools that we think can boost your content marketing in 2024.

1. Constant Contact

Price: From $20/month

Best for: Email marketers

Constant Contact makes it simple to send professional, highly engaging emails. You get access to hundreds of templates and a fully customizable drag-and-drop designer. Segment your contacts for targeted messaging, or create automated triggers to build an online sales funnel. Of course, email opens and link clinks are fully tracked so you can tell at a glance whether your marketing efforts are bearing fruit.

2. PathFactory

Price: By quote

Best for: B2B content marketers

PathFactory leverages artificial intelligence to help streamline B2B marketing. With this software, visitors to your channels are put on personalized content tracks that match their interests and engagement level. The software also flags leads that are ready for a sales pitch, helping boost your conversion rate from content marketing.

3. CoSchedule

Price: From $14/user/month

Best for: Content marketing teams

CoSchedule is a digital workflow platform designed to help teams of content marketers work together seamlessly. This tool offers a blog and social media post calendar that enables everyone on your team to know what communications are being published when. CoSchedule can also be used to automate your social media schedule or auto-publish blog posts to a WordPress website.

4. TrustRadius

Price: By quote

Best for: B2B content marketing

TrustRadius is a free review service that allows anyone to write a review of your business or product. The company offers paid tools for vendors that give additional insight into who is writing reviews, who is reading reviews, and who your competition is. TrustRadius also lets you engage with potential customers to help land new sales.

5. Digimind

Price: From $499/user/month

Best for: Social media marketing

Digimind is a social media analytics tool that helps your company stay on top of the discussion around your brand online. The platform offers a highly customizable dashboard so you can monitor content across any number of social media channels. Plus, Digimind can help you track social trends and evaluate the success of paid and organic social campaigns.

6. Hootsuite

Price: From $29/month

Best for: Social media marketing

Hootsuite is an all-in-one social media marketing platform that helps you plan content and automate posts. Through this software, you can schedule social media content, reply to comments and messages, and track the performance of your posts over time. Hootsuite can handle up to 35 social accounts, so it’s ideal for businesses of all sizes.

7. WordStream Advisor

Price: $49/month

Best for: SEO marketing

WordStream Advisor is a simple and inexpensive tool that helps you create and manage paid SEO campaigns. The platform includes keyword research and tracking for pay-per-click ads, with a particular focus on optimizing Google AdWords search campaigns. The software also makes it easy to create landing pages to monitor conversions.


Price: $500/month

Best for: Multichannel campaign analysis does for your content marketing what Google Analytics does for your website. With this tool, you can quickly see not just how many people read a blog post, but critical marketing data like where they came from and where they went after reading. works across a huge range of channels, including search engines, social media accounts, and mobile apps.

9. BuzzStream

Price: From $24/month

Best for: Influencer marketing

BuzzStream makes it easy to connect your business with reliable and effective social media influencers. Promote your content, build backlinks to your website, and get your content placed in high-profile places. Plus, BuzzStream offers automated follow-ups so you can focus on all the other aspects of your content marketing.

10. Rockcontent Live

Price: By quote

Best for: Producing live event content

Rockcontent Live offers a ready-made tool for publishing live content. The software is ideal for any business that runs live events, whether out in the world or online with virtual audiences. Plus, Rockcontent makes it easy to moderate online discussions and amplify your content through social media channels in real-time.

11. Scribus

Price: Free

Best for: Digital publishing

Scribus is an open-source desktop publishing software. Think Adobe InDesign, but completely free. With Scribus, you can create publications as simple as a flyer or as complex as a magazine. The software is straightforward to use and makes it easy to take the quality of your digital content to the next level.

12. Tweriod

Price: From $2.50

Best for: Social media marketing

Tweriod is an inexpensive tool to help make your tweets more effective. This software analyzes engagement with your past tweets and your followers’ tweets to determine the best times for you to post. Results are presented in a simple PDF report, so there’s no monthly subscription needed.

13. ClickFunnels

Price: $97/month

Best for: Building sales funnels

ClickFunnels makes the process of building sales funnels as simple as possible. This platform builds on your existing content marketing campaigns to generate landing, sales, and follow-up pages. As visitors move through your funnel, you collect additional information for targeted marketing and work towards conversions.

14. Canva

Price: From free

Best for: Social media marketing

Canva enables any content marketer to design beautiful graphics for social media, blog posts, and more. This free tool gives you a library of thousands of images and simple yet elegant drawing tools that let you customize your content. Even better, Canva can integrate with your social media channels for fast, direct sharing. If you want extra design tools, paid plans start at $12.95 per month.

15. Grammarly

Price: From free

Best for: All content marketing

Writing is an essential part of content marketing, whether you’re crafting blog posts, social media posts, or emails. Grammarly helps ensure that your grammar and spelling are flawless, making your campaigns look fully professional. Plus, this tool can suggest synonyms to help your writing stand out and automatically detect plagiarism that could land your company in hot water.

16. MashShare

Price: From $46

Best for: WordPress blog marketing

MashShare is a simple but effective add-on for a WordPress website. This tool offers highly attractive social media sharing buttons that can be added to any of your existing content, such as blog posts. It’s a small touch, but having social media buttons that attract attention can help get your content out into the world.

17. QuestionDB

Price: From free

Best for: Blog marketing

Wondering what to write or post about next? QuestionDB can help you decide. This content marketing tool shows you the most common questions that consumers are asking around a specific keyword. Armed with that information, you can create content that directly addresses the topics that your audience wants to know more about.

18. Pexels

Price: Free

Best for: Social media marketing

Pexels offers a massive library of stock photos, all of them completely free to use. That’s a major help for social media marketing in particular, where attaching a stand-out image to your post can make a world of difference in engagement. There’s no attribution required for images taken from Pexels, and you’re free to modify them as you like.

19. MixKit

Price: Free

Best for: Video marketing

MixKit is another free media database. It includes thousands of stock video clips and audio tracks, plus dozens of templates ready-made for Adobe Premiere Pro. There are no limits on how many HD clips you can download and there is no attribution required to use footage from MixKit.

20. Content Idea Generator

Price: Free

Best for: Blog marketing

When you’re not sure where to go next with your blog, try Content Idea Generator. This tool asks some basic questions about the subject of your blog and your target audience. From that, it will generate a list of over 300 potential titles for your next blog post.

Make your business stand out

Content marketing is essential to helping your business stand out and attracting a loyal audience over time. Creating consistent, high-quality content isn’t easy, but these 20 content marketing tools can streamline the process and keep your marketing team working efficiently. At the end of the day, the goal of any content marketing tool is to ensure that you’re getting the most bang possible for every buck you spend on marketing.

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