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Eleven strives to be the world’s first and best solution for top-tier content written by dependable subject-matter experts.

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We regularly ask team members for feedback to help maintain an enjoyable and supportive working environment.

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Barry Stingmore

"What sets Eleven apart in my mind is the company’s ability to make every individual feel valued. For the first time in a long time, I know that my opinions and contributions matter. There’s also a strong sense of trust within the organisation that I’ve never experienced elsewhere. I believe this is a result of Eleven’s values and commitment to fairness."

Barry Stingmore

Project Manager

Ioana Andrei

"I've really enjoyed writing with Eleven. I feel valued and I'm always treated with kindness and professionalism. There's also a variety of content topics across client projects, which keeps me on my toes!"

Ioana Andrei


Eloise McInerney - Managing Editor at Eleven

"My favourite things about Eleven are the strong team atmosphere and commitment to individual professional growth. I love collaborating closely with other team members to produce high-quality content for our clients."

Eloise McInerney

Managing Editor

Michael Graw - Writer at Eleven

"I've been working with Eleven for more than four years and have been extremely impressed by the thoughtfulness of the leadership as the firm has grown. Eleven cares about supporting writers and has put effort into building relationships between team members. The result is an environment that's both productive and very enjoyable to work in."

Michael Graw


Christian Rigg

"I certainly was not expecting to find the kind of investment, interest, and insightful leadership that I have at Eleven. Eleven cares deeply about its mission, one designed to see writers paid well and given ample opportunity to grow."

Christian Rigg

Head of Operations

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