Trusted by the world’s largest digital brands and publishers.

Content migration services at scale.

We've migrated hundreds of thousands of articles for Marie Claire, Wallpaper* and other world-renowned brands. Book a free consultation today.
Scalable Admin Teams
Scalable Admin Teams
CMS Experts
CMS Experts
In-House SEO Team
In-House SEO Team
End-to-end Management
End-to-End Management

What do you get?

Transferring thousands of articles from one CMS to another? We know this process inside out.
Assess project scope
Document workflow
Deliver team training
Account management
Quality assurance

Comprehensive support from planning to implementation

We consult you on the best approach to your migration – careful planning is essential to migration success. This safeguards against data loss, delays, and unexpected complications.


A skilled team of migration experts at the ready

Your dedicated project manager assembles a team of meticulous migration admins and eagle-eyed QA staff to deliver your project on time and on spec. Our flexible, scalable solution means you can expand or reduce the team to fit your needs at short notice.

Migrate content that scripts and automation can’t handle

Eleven specialises in delivering manual migrations, working with proprietary CMS platforms where automation isn’t always an option. We’ll handle everything, from mapping data fields to consulting on how to best achieve your desired outcomes based on your new CMS’ capabilities.

Sit back and let us manage quality assurance and any other suppliers you have

Our eagle-eyed QA team specialises in large migration projects for quality-conscious brands, while our senior project managers can manage any other agencies working on the project. This allows total consolidation and peace of mind, giving you the time to focus on the bigger picture.
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Trusted by the world’s largest digital brands and publishers.

What else?

Optimise and audit your content library

From auditing broken links to optimising alt text and metadata—we’ll build your requirements into the migration workflow.

Make the most of your CMS’ new features

Capitalise on e-commerce widgets, schema blocks, embedded media and much more to enhance your site’s appeal and performance.

Ensure accuracy through quality assurance

Our QA team will work closely with the migration admins to ensure we’re delivering on the details and hitting all of your requirements.

Our results

We’ve completed large-scale, complex manual migrations for some of the world’s largest digital brands and publishers.


Articles migrated


Admins worked on project

4-month project

Ahead of schedule

Types of content:

Articles, video, images, pricing

In 4 months, we helped Marie Claire to:

Manually migrate over 40,000 articles to a proprietary CMS
Edit images and execute a video-hosting service migration
Audit and optimise 10+ years of content


Articles migrated


Of articles were QA’d


In-house admins


Total admins managed

In 4 months, we helped Wallpaper* to:

Manually migrate over 20,000 articles to a proprietary CMS
Deliver targeted quality assurance for 20% of the pages
Train and manage an 80-person multi-agency team

"Eleven goes the extra mile with both their service and communication. We always appreciate that they're so responsive and quick to take action".

Mo Harber-Lamond
eCom Editor

"Eleven has been very accommodating during what has been a challenging year for us. They have been proactive, providing useful feedback and being a dependable partner through thick and thin."

Desire Athow
Managing Editor

"I'm so glad that I've had the opportunity to work with you guys. What your company does is truly amazing, your service is impeccable and your attention to quality and efficiency made my life really easy!"

Bar Zukerman
Content Strategy Manager
Talk to us about your content migration
Trusted by the world’s largest digital brands and publishers.

How it works

Here’s a brief overview of how we can get started working together.
Book a no-obligation consultation call

First, we’ll discuss the nature and scale of your project, along with any specific requirements you have. From there, we’ll explore how we can help you achieve your goals and offer advice based on what has worked for us in the past.

Assessing the project

We’ll work with your team to identify what content needs migrating, document the mapping of CMS fields, establish how long it will take to migrate each article and how many people we’ll need to complete the project on schedule.

Develop project documentation

Your dedicated project manager will dive into each CMS and create a step-by-step guide detailing how to migrate each page type. We’ll also create project tracking sheets with reporting templates to keep you updated in real time.

Team training & onboarding

We’ll deliver project-specific training to the migration team and then perform enhanced quality assurance checks to ensure each individual understands every aspect of your requirements. Only then will they start migrating your content at scale.

Delivery & QA

With the project underway, your project manager will keep you updated on progress and act as a single point of contact for queries in either direction. The QA team will continue to sample work at an agreed rate to ensure standards remain high.

Get started commitment-free with a friendly chat

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See our frequently asked questions. If you have another question, please get in touch or book a meeting.

Why should I work with Eleven?

Some of the world’s largest brands have trusted Eleven to deliver mission-critical migration projects, fulfil in-house roles and manage external agencies. We’re committed to going above and beyond to ensure our service helps you achieve your most ambitious goals.

How do I pay for Eleven’s services?

Payment terms depend on your desired payment method and the project requirements. For this reason, we prefer to agree to payment terms on a project basis and encourage you to book a call to discuss.

Can Eleven help with other projects, too?

Yes! We’d love the opportunity to learn more about your specific needs and discuss how we can help. Eleven’s experience in content writing, content management and CMS migrations makes us a valuable, versatile partner for a wide range of projects.

Which CMS platforms does Eleven work with?

Our migration team has worked with a wide selection of CMSs, including WordPress, Drupal, Umbraco, Webflow and various proprietary systems. We’re quick to master new platforms, so don’t be deterred if we haven’t used yours before.