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Eleven began its journey in 2018, setting out to become the world’s best solution for top-tier content written by dependable subject-matter experts.





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Our company

Recognising the need for topic-expert writers was step one.

Our values

Eleven is built on quality, equal opportunity and fairness. We hire and compensate team members based on performance rather than age or geography.

Our mission

Eleven exists to develop the most enjoyable workplace and service possible for subject-matter-expert writers and ambitious, quality-driven brands.

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Our partners

Eleven is trusted by some of the world’s largest and most respected brands.

About us

Our team

Serial entrepreneur and design enthusiast, Charlie is responsible for driving Eleven’s overall business strategy. He works closely with Eleven’s senior team to ensure company values and goals are effectively translated into growth and development. In addition to his work at Eleven, Charlie oversees a series of growing content websites. 

Charlie Linford

Director, Co-founder

A former fintech editor, Daniel was responsible for product quality and building an error-proof content team for Eleven in its earlier days. His role has since evolved into one that helps lead business strategy and development. Before Eleven, Daniel launched a cryptocurrency blog with Charlie in 2018 but met many troubles in outsourcing its content, leading the pair to found Eleven the following year.

Daniel Armstrong

Director, Co-founder

With a background in psychology and management, Christian oversees day-to-day operations at Eleven, greasing the sticky wheels of collaboration and ensuring Eleven’s values and company culture are championed at all levels. An accomplished writer and translator, Christian has spent the last several years leading diverse teams in creating high-quality content, and now brings that expertise to his work at Eleven.

Christian Rigg

Head of Operations

With over 10 years’ experience in editing and editorial team management, Alana leads Eleven’s editors in creating top-quality content and oversees recruitment to ensure the best of the best join Eleven’s ranks. A seasoned digital journalist and award-nominated writer, Alana holds an MA in Creative Writing and is accomplished in spearheading content strategy at high-growth media startups.

Alana Chase

Head of Editing

An early adopter of internet marketing, Simon has decades of industry experience in SEO, both through professional roles and building his own affiliate marketing websites, some of which have been acquired for six-figure sums.

Simon McMahon

SEO & Marketing Manager

With a Phd in Languages & Literature and over 20 years’ experience as an editor, writer, and language teacher, Eloise heads up quality assurance and recruitment at Eleven. She ensures that only the very best join the Eleven team and works closely with writers and editors to deliver top-quality content to Eleven’s clients.

Eloise McInerney

Managing Editor

Leading our content administration services, Barry is responsible for client management, training, and QA processes. Barry's key strengths include translating client goals into actionable steps for our admin team and going above and beyond to ensure clients are pleased with the outcome.

Barry Stingmore

Head of Admin