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Eleven began its journey in 2018, setting out to become the world’s best solution for top-tier content written by dependable subject-matter experts.

March 2018

Eleven was founded

Daniel and Charlie were running a fintech blog and found it difficult to hire established, fintech-expert writers that could translate their expertise into great content. Recognising that this was also an issue for the masses of new fintech projects being launched at the time, the two switched their focus onto building the first fintech-expert content writing team.

December 2018

Expanded beyond fintech

Until this point, Daniel and Charlie had done 100% of the editing, so it was time to take on a talented editor. This is when Eleven really began to take shape – we expanded beyond fintech topics, created senior roles, and set out to build the world’s first and best solution for top-tier content written by dependable subject-matter experts.

November 2019

Partnered with Future plc

Eleven entered a partnership with Future plc that would begin with providing content for TechRadar and expand across Tom’s Guide, GamesRadar, Wallpaper*, and other world-famous brands.

June 2021

Partnered with Marie Claire

Launching a dependable content migration service, Eleven worked with Marie Claire to migrate more than 40,000 articles to the publication’s new CMS. Eleven has since provided this service to several industry-leading brands.


Majorly grew team + service

Now working with a range of ambitious scale-ups and publishers, Eleven has developed its service into an end-to-end content marketing solution, covering everything from ideation and strategy to writing, in-article graphics, and more. This allows Eleven to further ensure ROI for its clients, taking control of more of the contributing factors.





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Our Values

Eleven is built on quality, equal opportunity and fairness. We hire and compensate team members based on experience and performance rather than age or geography.

Our mission

Eleven exists to develop the most enjoyable workplace and service possible for content marketing professionals and ambitious, quality-driven brands.

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From hiring and quality control to above-and-beyond account management, our robust processes enable unrivaled quality.

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Charlie Linford - Director, Co-Founder at Eleven
Charlie Linford
Director, Co-founder
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Daniel Armstrong - Director, Co-founder at Eleven
Daniel Armstrong
Director, Co-founder
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Christian Rigg - Head of Operations at Eleven
Christian Rigg
Head of Operations
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Alana Chase - Head of Editing at Eleven
Alana Chase
Head of Editing
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Pete Wootton Profile Picture
Pete Wootton
Advisor, MD at Dennis Publishing
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Andy Evans Profile Picture
Andy Evans
Advisor, Founder of OnScroll
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Alyssa Rush Profile Picture
Alyssa Rush
Account Manager
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Caroline Grape Profile Picture
Caroline Grape
Account Manager
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Simon McMahon - SEO & Marketing Manager at Eleven
Simon McMahon
SEO Manager
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Barry Stingmore - Head of Admin at Eleven
Barry Stingmore
Head of Admin
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Eloise McInerney - Managing Editor at Eleven
Eloise McInerney
Managing Editor
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Rebecca McNeil Profile Picture
Rebecca McNeil
Senior Editor
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