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How we helped Connecteam cut ad spend by over $100K/month*

Saved on monthly ad spend
Increase in organic traffic
Top-three spots in Google

The Highlights

We helped Connecteam: 

  • Cut its monthly ad spend by over $100K*
  • More than double its organic traffic; and
  • Win nearly 4,000 top-three spots in Google through authoritative content leading to real customer sign-ups and sales revenue.

"I’ve worked with dozens of content writing services over my 10+ years in the industry, and Eleven are by-far the best there is.

In the time that we’ve worked with Eleven, they have quickly become an indispensable part of our content production workflow and we are lucky enough to view their entire team as an extension of our in-house content team, not a third-party vendor.

Their uncanny ability to find true topic matter experts that are also stellar writers, paired with the deep care Eleven’s editors and project managers put into every single article is invaluable.

Add to that the fact that they’re all just generally nice people and you have a winning combination.

10/10—would recommend every time."

- David Ruhm, Senior Editor at Connecteam

About Connecteam

Connecteam is an innovative employee management platform, enabling businesses to easily communicate, operate, and train their deskless teams, regardless of location.

Launched in 2016, Connecteam has attracted over 500,000 active users and supports over 36,000 businesses globally.

“Connecteam simplifies everyday work with deskless teams and keeps them connected, so you can focus on growing the business.”

Industry: HR, Business Management, Operations, SaaS

The Challenge

When we first engaged with Connecteamm, the company’s blog was performing reasonably well in Search (128k Avg. organic traffic).

But, as conveyed to us by Connecteam’s Senior Editor and our main point of contact, David Ruhm, there was significant room for improvement. And Connecteam had big ambitions for its blog and brand. Their goal was to become the go-to source for all things people management.

To do this, it was decided that the content needed a serious injection of topic-expertise and authority to ensure articles were valuable to readers and effectively moved them down the funnel. 

The stage was set for an outstanding two years of organic growth, SERP wins, and ROI.

The Results*

  • 1,500,000 words delivered by topic-expert HR writers
  • Estimated monthly organic traffic more than doubled, from 121,467 to 277,688 visits.
  • Ad spend reduced by an estimated 72% from $211,221 to $58,799 per month.
  • Keywords in the top 3 positions increased by 183% from from 2,349 to 6,656. 
  • 4 of the top 5 pages for organic traffic (excluding the home page) crafted by Eleven.

*Data from Ahrefs

Connecteam’s organic traffic increased by 128% traffic since April 2022
Google Ad spend decreased from $211,221 to $58,799 during the same period
Keywords ranking in the top 1-3 positions increased by 183%

Our Approach

We recruited, trained, and managed a lean, mean team of true subject matter experts, with relevant, real-world experience and commanding bylines to infuse every Connecteam article with authority, insight, and meaningful calls to action. 

Hiring a team of topic-expert writers

Connecteam already benefited from a razor-sharp internal marketing team.

But attracting, hiring, onboarding, and managing writers at the level and scale required to meet Connecteam’s objectives is no simple task—especially for marketing departments that are busy driving strategic thought. 

Fortunately, we’ve elevated hiring and training topic-expert writers to an artform—one grounded in rigorous editorial and expertise checks, multiple rounds of trials, and intensive, one-on-one coaching with our in-house team of professional editors. 

We evaluated more than 400 candidates, arriving at a team of 13 vetted, topic-expert writers, representing the top 3% of applicants. Among them, HR managers from the likes of JP Morgan, the BBC, and Disney, plus management consultants, lawyers with expertise in employment law, and B2B Tech writers. 

Editorial contributions from start to finish

In addition to sourcing a crack team of writers and professional editors, we put our experience in content strategy to good work by supporting Connecteam’s marketing team with a host of editorial tasks. 

This included bringing suggestions and improvements to briefs and templates for key articles and series. In fact, we took the lead on one especially important set of briefs, adding in critical resources and direction for the writers. The result was so successful, Connecteam adopted it as their new standard for internal writers, too.

We also professionally edit every piece of content before it hits Connecteam’s desk, resulting in a 99% overall satisfaction rating from Connecteam’s exacting marketing team. 

A lasting partnership

We’re proud of the results of our collaboration.

But more than anything, we’re proud of the partnership we’ve built with Connecteam. 

Our commitments to excellence, quality, and always going above and beyond for our partners have shown Connecteam that we’re a partner they can trust, through thick and thin.

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