Case studies

We helped AlpInsider go from 0 to 10K monthly visits in 6 months

When we partnered with AlpInsider, we knew exactly how to help the new brand both establish itself as an authority in the mountaineering community and grow an organic audience that converts. Asides from thorough SERPs research and content planning, the key would be to win trust by showcasing impressive writer profiles with hyper-relevant experience. Some of the writers we selected from our team included Michael Graw, a Washington-born mountaineer and outdoors blogger with decades of experience in the alpine, and Timo Holmquist, a ski instructor and former mountain trail builder.

Building a content plan, assembling a team of mountaineering-expert writers, leading content production, and making data-driven adjustments as we went along, we took AlpInsider from 0 to 10K monthly visitors in just 6 months. With the final month providing a 26% increase in search traffic on the previous month, AlpInsider shows no signs of slowing down.

  • 4 expert mountaineering writers
  • Editing on all articles
  • Guidelines and briefing creation
  • Full content strategy