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We helped Wallpaper* migrate 20,000+ articles to their new CMS

The team at Wallpaper* engaged Eleven to manage and deliver a challenging manual content migration project, moving over 20,000 articles from their Drupal-based CMS to a new proprietary platform.

We provided a team of 26 full-time migration admins, four quality assurance (QA) staff and a dedicated project manager to make this happen. Wallpaper* was able to lean on Eleven’s migration experience and expertise, trusting our project manager to take the lead in planning and overseeing the migration process.

Working closely with Wallpaper*’s team, we created training documents and videos for ongoing client use, delivered training to the migration team and developed spreadsheets for real-time data analysis and monitoring of the project’s progress.

Our migration team worked on various article types, including regular articles, listicles, sponsored content, and extensive image galleries. With Wallpaper*’s emphasis on design and aesthetics, we took great care to ensure we transferred images at the highest resolution and with the appropriate image rights and credits. Combined with our precision handling of other data types and our rigorous approach to QA, this ensured a highly accurate reproduction of each article on the new platform.

With all articles successfully transferred, Wallpaper* was able to make a seamless switch over to its new CMS platform.

  • 26-person full-time migration team
  • Dedicated project management
  • Quality assurance personnel
  • Project resource creation and training delivery

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