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Comprising analysts, financial advisors, chartered accounts, and more, our finance writers and editors are assigned to your articles based on the relevancy of their topic expertise.

Serguei S.

Professional Financial Advisor

Serguei worked for five years as a financial advisor before joining Eleven to educate a wider audience on mortgages, credit cards, ETFs, stocks, and more, utilising expert knowledge and vast industry experience.

Karan K.

Master's in Finance

With a Master’s degree in Finance, Karan researches and writes about current economic and financial market conditions and educates the audiences of Best Money and other financial brands on personal finance topics.

Daniel B.

Trading Platform Specialist

Having traded cryptocurrency for six years and forex for three, Daniel touches on first-hand experience in his exhaustive reviews of trading platforms and related software for Tom’s Guide and other leading brands.

Patrick S.

Bachelor's in Economics

Patrick has worked for for some of the biggest investment and trading companies in the US, including Pacific Life and TD Ameritrade.

Katy W.

Graduated from Oxford

Over a 15-year career, Oxford graduate Katy has worked with several finance titans, including Barclays, Tandem Bank, and Yahoo! Finance.

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